Technology in the Home

My husband loves his gadgets, and for Christmas decided to treat himself to smart light bulbs.  I don’t know their actual term, I just know that I hate them.

He kept trying to convince me that I really wanted these things.  I kept telling him that I didn’t.  We can have colors, he said.  I don’t want colors, I replied.

The light bulbs arrived and I came home to a pink living room.  He saw my face, and declared that he at least thought I’d give it a chance.  I was in no way weak in stating how much I didn’t want my light bulbs controlled by a phone app, and definitely did not want colors.  Sorry.  You don’t get to be indignant that I don’t want these forced down my throat.

Then came the 5:25 am wake up when a lamp turned on in our bedroom – before the alarm clock went off.  When was I going to be asked if I was okay waking up rudely to a light?  The morning before it was on for an hour and a half before he rolled out of bed.  Thankfully, I had gotten up five minutes before it turned on or the bulb may have been dropped on cement.

He keeps trying to tell me how much I like these lights.  He even joked that with enough time he’ll wear me down to the point where I’m good with the whole house like this.

Tech geeks, please listen to your spouses on these things.  We have a good marriage, but I’m seething over this issue, and we may have a Mount Vesuvius moment coming.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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