Soak in the Season

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I can’t complain too greatly about lack of time to post.  The blog was displaced by good things: working on my fictional writing, getting back into my sewing stack, hosting Thanksgiving – my mom actually made the trip to us!, decorating for Christmas, getting the ball rolling on our bathroom remodel, etc.  It’s been a good busy.

I’d been struggling with the Christmas cards, even though I cut sending cards to friends at church these past couple of years due to holiday stress.  This morning I finally finished the letter and got it printed.  Last night I wrote the insides of the cards – it’s a small personal touch that I don’t want to omit.  Tonight DH is going to print the picture of the kids for me and tomorrow the mail carrier will groan when they open our mailbox.

We have a date to go to Mom’s for Christmas, and she will have all six grandchildren together again this year.  My kids have been warned that lots of pictures will be taken any time this happens.  The eldest is 25, the next is in the military and hoping for an overseas appointment, the next is a junior in college, etc.  We don’t know how often they’ll all be able to come at the same time as their lives progress.

Mom pointed out that she doesn’t have any pictures from last year and asked if I would bring her some prints.  She doesn’t pull her camera out.  Dad was the one who took pictures.  I have a small variety of pictures on order for her – yay for free shipping from Shutterfly!  Hopefully she’ll like what I chose.

Most of the Christmas goodies have been purchased.  I start watching the sales in November as it all adds up quickly.  DH wants crab legs for Christmas dinner but they are still pretty high in cost.  It’s cheaper than Red Lobster, but still.  I never thought I’d be okay preparing seafood for DH, and I doubt that I do it properly, but he’s happy to get it and doesn’t complain.

The shopping is finished and mostly wrapped.  The choir cantata at church is next Sunday night, then I don’t have to worry about catching a cold.  It’s also kind of tiring, but still fun.  The baking hasn’t started, but I like while I don’t like to cook, I do like to bake.  DD2 only has one more day of classes, then I get three weeks off from driving her to and fro.  DD1 comes home Friday.  It’s just about time to sit back and simply enjoy the season.

That really is the reason I work to get things finished early.  Yes, I’m a planner, but I learned a long time ago that it’s better for me if I get an early jump on Christmas things so I’m not so caught up in checking things off my list that I can’t sit back and just enjoy everything.

Soak it all in: the time with family, the lights, the church programs, the whole reason we celebrate, and all of your personal traditions.  It’s okay to let go of a few things if you need to.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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