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Bits and Pieces

DD1 was recently home from college for a week.  DD2 breathed a small sigh of relief when DD1 went back.  Her sister is trying to get her on more social media, and DD2 wants none of it.  She agreed after … Continue reading

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Things Happen

My last post related the saga of remaking a set of waterbed sheets.  We got to sleep on them all of one night.  The following night (Friday), DH noticed that the sheets were damp in the corner by his pillow.  … Continue reading

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Can Open, Worms All Over

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic.  Let me rephrase the title.  Closet opened, contents everywhere. I’ve been working on projects for about 100 years now (you’ll get used to the dramatic strain).  Yesterday I was converting two old sets of waterbed … Continue reading

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A Step Forward

DD2 has decided to give college a try!!!!  We’ll need to schedule visits to two local schools and find some things out first, but this is huge for her.  She and I are hoping that she can start slowly – … Continue reading

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She Sheds – I See the Light

I am on the tail end of a nasty cold and D-Day hit Saturday when DH came down with it.  Any female who is/was married likely knows how men can be when they are sick.  I practically run and hide.  … Continue reading

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