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Our middle daughter has recently been diagnosed with exercise induced PVC’s.  A pvc is a premature vascular contraction.  Don’t ask me beyond that.  I know that they are common enough.  I know two other people who have told me they … Continue reading

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Since my sister’s death, I’ve started to write about my life growing up.  There’s so much my kids don’t know.  I don’t want the memories to be lost.  Someday I might not be able to recall the special things.  For … Continue reading

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Wrapping Things Up

Yesterday finished the bi-annual dental cleanings for the kids.  Their appointments were all on different days, which was okay with me because they’re all in different school buildings so this way got them each back to school as quickly as … Continue reading

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Still Swamped – Possibly Forever

August has been crazy.  My son had a three appointment journey to an expander, preparing for braces.  They tried it in his mouth and his first words were, “Take it out!”.  He’s 12 and when young went through three and … Continue reading

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Feeling swamped

The Dark Sky park was a mixed bag.  We hadn’t taken the moon into consideration and it was so bright that it blocked a lot of stars.  We did see several satellites and a few meteorites.  DH played with his … Continue reading

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