It seems that I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus from this blog.  I’ve been trying to keep to my resolve of working on the project list.  Currently I’m working on two things at the same time.  One is a new Renaissance dress for myself.  It’s more fun when we all dress up.  This past summer I realized that cotton will be much cooler.  It’s mostly cut out, but I need to adjust the bodice pieces.

Along side the dress, I’ve been working on a denim blanket for my sensory child.  I had a stack of jeans headed for the trash and now I have a stack of circles.  I’m using a pattern which I’ve seen called a ‘cathedral’ window.  Now I need to cut a stack of squares to set inside the circles.  The blanket is a lot of work, but I love that I’ve saved a stack of jeans from the trash and can use scraps from my stash for the rest of the blanket.

Every year I make a renewed effort to complete projects on me list.  If I keep making the effort, I might make some good progress.  The crochet projects are tougher as I have carpel tunnel which is aggravated by driving and I’m driving my middle to and from her college classes.  I’ve asked her to try to take her classes at the branch in our town next fall to help me out.  I’m really hopeful that she’ll be able to find the classes she wants/needs.

DH and I have been spending a lot of time shopping for the bathroom remodel.  The good thing is that we’re finding businesses we will deal with when it comes time for the kid’s bathroom.  It will save some time.  The biggest decisions have been made, but there’s a lot yet to do.  One frustration we’ve had is that many home fixture businesses don’t have Saturday or evening hours.  DH can only take so much time off of work to make these decisions.  We’ve also found that the businesses recommended by our contractor act as if it’s a guarantee that we’ll be purchasing from them.  That’s a big turn off for us.   I wonder if these businesses would be surprised to find out that we won’t even consider them next time.

DH and I are continuing to transition our parenting role in regards to our eldest.  She’s in her third year of college, and at the stage where we know nothing and she knows everything.  We’re trying to keep our mouths shut a lot more than we’d like.  She shuts down when we step beyond the shallow waters of the events of her life.  It feels like we’ve been walking on glass around her for about a year now.  Will it ever get easier?  Probably not.

Now I’m off to cut triangles from my scrap stash and keep moving forward on the list.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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