Monthly Archives: November 2013

Odds and Ends

The days are flying by.  We had two school days off last week due to power outages (1/3 of the town), and this morning school was cancelled due to freezing rain.  Since two of my children attend public school, DD2 … Continue reading

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Thank You, Dad

This morning I am breathing a sigh of relief.  My daughter and I have been beating our heads against a brick wall trying to do Algebra I with the text that our local school uses.  We take home school year … Continue reading

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Daily Life

Life has been awfully busy.  As mentioned previously, this is the time of year for appointments.  The youngest two got their teeth cleaned last week, and my sensory girl grabbed my hand when she was called back.  I rubbed her … Continue reading

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I’ve been working on the stack of sewing projects lately – making myself go upstairs to work when I’d rather veg in front of the magic light box.  I have a stack of my children’s outgrown clothing which I made … Continue reading

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