Baby Steps

My son is such a blessing to me!  Saturday he went out with me to lug bags of dirt to and from the car.  Since I began getting pain from costochondritis (sp?) he has been my muscle substitute, always quite willingly.  Once home, we dug up my two columnar apple trees and transferred them to large pots set in a very sunny location.  The sunlight in my garden has changed greatly since we moved into this home, and the plants need to move now and then to adjust.  Fortunately, these apple trees are able to be raised in pots, where they will now stay.

Later that day, DH finally got his portable computer scanner set up for my laptop.  Since then I’ve scanned in two and a half photo albums, beginning with the birth of our eldest.  Once I get caught up to the point where we made the switch to digital cameras, I’ll go back to the beginning (my teen years) and scan the rest of the photos.  It will be good to have all of our pictures in digital format, mostly for preservation purposes, but also for making photo books.  They are thinner to store and more comfortable to look at versus the heavy bulky albums.

Of course it hit me that my mom has many more pictures that I will want.   I’ve scanned several of their pictures for making photo books for my parents and for a 50th anniversary CD, but there are many that I haven’t gotten to.

This is one of those large projects which has been waiting for me.

I was able to go to church yesterday!  I’ve missed it, having been out with bronchitis for two weeks.  I was pretty tired by the end of morning service, but it was good.  Choir practice is in late afternoon before evening service, and with a glass of ice water, I went.  I figured they’d probably begun working on the Christmas cantata so I didn’t want to be further behind.  I got through practice, but was coughing and tired by the end so I gathered the kids and left before the service began.  I thought about bringing my music home to practice, but was so tired I figured that was not realistic.  Next week will go smoother.  It felt good to be back anyway.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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