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Happy Easter

Our oldest is in the middle of exam week.  The first day of exams was Thursday, putting Easter right in the middle of it all.  We couldn’t take our daughter away from school for the entire weekend, so we went … Continue reading

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I finally got enough courage to go see this movie.  I wasn’t afraid of the message, just of crying myself dry in public. Let me be clear: I do not support abortion in unsanitary (back alley) conditions, but I do … Continue reading

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One Step Forward

I actually completed a sewing project!  Recently I found a weighted mat for my sensory middle child.  Bed Bath and Beyond had several weighted items, I just picked the one I thought would suit her the best without bankrupting us.  … Continue reading

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My Crazy Cat

I think the humane society made a mistake.  We thought we were adopting a kitten, but maybe we brought home a puppy in disguise.  Kidding – of course we have a cat, but she doesn’t always act like one. A … Continue reading

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