Being Different

One of our few family tv shows is ending this season.  Actually, two of them.  That will take us down to The Flash, which can go right up to the edge of boundaries at times.

Our eldest got teased in high school as ‘not knowing any tv shows that weren’t made in the seventies’.  That isn’t fully accurate, but not far off.  As parents, we have searched for shows which used little to no profanity.  We want shows which aren’t all about sex, and when it is there, it’s alluded to instead of flesh in your face, heavy breathing, etc.  We don’t want promiscuity and other harmful behaviors to be normalized for our kids.

We want clean family entertainment, and it’s scarce these days.  It’s been tough for us, as parents, to know our kids are so far out of the loop on some things.  DD1 wore skirts to school as often as she wore jeans (by her own choice).  DD2 chooses to listen to the Christian music station.  The kids don’t swear, they go to church, necklines and hemlines are modest, and other small things which add up.

DD1 had culture shock when starting college with the amount of swearing that surrounded her, and she went to public school.  The language flies easier in a dorm than in the high school halls.

Sometimes it feels so hopeless to be striving to uphold a moral standard for your household.  Sometimes you wish your kids could be like all the rest of the crowd.  Sometimes you just get tired.

Then I stop and look around at the world.  I see kids who are having sex in junior high school.  I see kids who are into drugs and all kinds of other trouble.  I see disrespect toward parents.  I see families who don’t enjoy spending time together.  I see families whose schedules are so packed that they don’t have time to have dinner together.

I think I’ll keep working toward a clean atmosphere in our home.  I’ll keep talking with my kids about all of these issues.  We’ll keep being different from the majority.  We are clearly told that as Christians, this is our lot.  Being different from the world.  It’s how we’re supposed to be.  I may get tired sometimes, but the end result will be well worth it.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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  1. I agree -it’s worth it!

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