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It’s So Hard

My middle child is taking her first college classes this semester.  Two to start.  She took last year off as even mentioning taking classes caused her body to tense.  She has sensory processing disorder, which for her also brought anxiety. … Continue reading

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The Climate Change Debate

Some would argue that there is no debate.  The science is settled. Before I go further, I have to admit that I have gone back and forth as to whether or not to write about this.  I even started a … Continue reading

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Explosions and Spiders – Oh my!

Last night my son almost drank a spider.  I’m surprised and impressed that our living room isn’t covered in black cherry koolaid stains.  The pitcher has been on the counter for a few days and been fine.  This particular pitcher … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

My son is such a blessing to me!  Saturday he went out with me to lug bags of dirt to and from the car.  Since I began getting pain from costochondritis (sp?) he has been my muscle substitute, always quite … Continue reading

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Catching Up

I have not been faithful to my blog this summer.  I could blame crazy schedules and being sick, but it still comes down to me.  Now it’s time to just get back to it. School has begun, and each of … Continue reading

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