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Feeling Inspired

Walking through the garment district in New York City was a lot of fun for me.  The rest of the family was mostly tolerating it for my sake, so I drank in a lot through store windows and didn’t pester … Continue reading

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Recovering from Vacation

This is day two after returning from a twelve day trip.  The trip began with an absolute delight: a black bear tore across the highway in front of us (and created no accident).  That’s never happened to us or to … Continue reading

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Chipmunks on the Grill

Don’t worry – no chipmunks were actually grilled.  They just tried to be. I opened the grill to light it.  I’m ready to push the button.  Then something catches my eye.  Two naked rodent babies in the corner of the … Continue reading

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Various Updates

DD1 got her IB and AP test results.  She got her IB degree and is ecstatic about it.  Her scores on everything were high enough to gain college credits, but it only gets her out of two classes.  The English … Continue reading

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