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Enjoying the Quiet

I’ve been up for almost two hours and everyone else is still in bed.  Part of me was annoyed that my body woke up at 6am, but the rest of me was glad to have the time alone.  I love … Continue reading

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Developing Plan

While talking with DD1 yesterday, a story came up that I had written about 21 years ago.  DD1 asked what it was about, DH told her and she decided she wants to illustrate it.  I pulled it out (boy is … Continue reading

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College Cost Woes

Word has come back from the two scholarship competitions attended thus far, and neither one came with a win.  There was a lot of competition – all worthy, but disappointing results for DD1 none the less. The FAFSA seems to … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up

I finally finished the formal dress for DD1!  I finished it Friday night for the Saturday night party.  Close is still done, and she loved it.  There’s still a bunch of glitter all over the house to get cleaned.  There … Continue reading

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Make the Most of it

While at a university thing for our high school senior this past weekend, a mom was talking about how hard it will be to let her child go off to college next fall.  My mind jumped to a comment from … Continue reading

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