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Happiness Is…

The old Peanuts song is running through my head.  Truly.  I had to play that piece back when taking piano lessons as a kid. Anyway.  Yesterday afternoon I was just hanging out in the living room with my eldest when … Continue reading

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An Adventure and Other Stuff

Our stove recently tried to kill us.  I took dinner out of the oven last week to discover that the temperature had shot from 450 degrees (set to 400) up to 600 or more.  My thermometer only goes up to … Continue reading

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Not Enough Time in the Day

This is shaping up to be a very long week. Tonight is DD2’s last sewing class for the (fair) year. She’s working on the finishing touches to a shirt as I write and has a counter change smocking project in … Continue reading

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Thinking Differently

DH has been getting migraines since high school, but lately they were becoming an almost daily event. He’s had an MRI, CT, plus other tests which can’t show a reason for these migraines. He hit the web and started to … Continue reading

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DH added a channel to the Roku for me and I’m really enjoying it. It’s “An American Homestead”, about two families (three generations) who move to the Ozarks to live as self-sufficiently as possible. It’s been pretty interesting and I’ll … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Take That Much More Time

I’ve heard this phrase many times in the past few months and it’s starting to annoy me. I know, it’s hard to imagine me getting annoyed, but just go with it for a minute:) This worn out phrase is usually … Continue reading

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Day to Day Things

It was so wonderful to get things back to normal last week with school starting again and DH back to work. I need my routines. The biggest cleaning thing I’ve done so far (other than daily needs) is to go … Continue reading

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