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More Chores

The effort to catch up continues.  I know that I’ll probably never be fully caught up, but it’s a guarantee that you can’t reach the finish line if you drop out of the race. I tackled the shed.  Oh boy … Continue reading

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I just got my first attempt at sourdough bread from my own wild caught yeast starter set to proof over night.  A friend gave me some of her starter a few years ago, but I didn’t keep it up as … Continue reading

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We’re going to visit DD1 at college tomorrow, so I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and bagged two dozen to share with her, six for DD2 to share with a girl from her classes who sounds like a … Continue reading

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Tired and Sore

It’s been quite busy since finding the evidence of mice last week.  One has been killed.  I don’t know how many others are down there.  Back in the spring we had the chimney worked on, and it was discovered that … Continue reading

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Never a Dull Moment

Today I headed to the basement to begin organizing the Christmas stash, maybe even wrap a few things.  Christmas is my favorite time of year, and in order to enjoy it fully, I’ve learned to spread the work out rather … Continue reading

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