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As always, I’m working on tidying my house.  I have yet to achieve my desired state of tidiness, but to me it’s most important that I simply keep working toward the goal.  After all, even if I reach my ideal … Continue reading

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My middle child has Sensory Processing Disorder, and it brought anxiety along for the ride.  She just turned 18, and I mentioned that she could register to vote.  Fear swept over her eyes.  She has a partially finished job application … Continue reading

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For 24 Years I’ve Put Up With it Now…

I must stop the Kleenex from coming, but how? I was hanging up laundry today and once more my husband’s pants and shirts are covered with bits of Kleenex.  Yes, they are definitely his Kleenex because the only thing not … Continue reading

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The First Graduation

My oldest has now graduated from high school.  On Friday she turned 18, got her driver’s license, and graduated.  On Saturday she had her open house.  On Sunday she had her church graduation service.  She was completely done with it … Continue reading

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I Can Breathe (For Now)

The SAT is over and DD2 completed it.  Now, for 99.9% of the population, this is not a triumph, just another day in the life of a high school junior.  I was praying a lot from the time I dropped … Continue reading

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An Awesome Frugal Weekend

This was such a great weekend for finds that I had to share. Yesterday, something prompted me to take my girls out shopping for formal dresses.  Each year the senior high youth group at church has a formal Christmas party.  … Continue reading

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Life After a Death

Right now I’m working on getting ‘back to normal’.  After being on hospice for three months and battling breast cancer for eight years, my sister passed away.  DH and I have been essentially holding our breath for three months.  For … Continue reading

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