We’ve had light snows, one of which even stayed around for a day, but this one dropped at least three inches and has the trees sagging.  It’s beautiful, but the roads are slippery.  Hopefully everyone slows down a little and remembers their winter driving skills.

Our city lets us rake leaves into the streets (they’re wide enough) then they come through with a special tractor which pushes the piles into trucks.  The leaves then get dumped into a natural area (which the city owns) to decompose.  Too bad they didn’t start picking the leaves up until this past Monday.  Now they will be gathering the leaves with the snow on top, and many will be frozen to the roads.  Oops.

I’m so glad that DH and the kids got most of our leaves to the curb last weekend, and we got burlap where it needed to be to protect our more delicate plants.

Our furnace has decided to retire, but so far is letting us limp along.  We can run it about three times a day, which keeps us warm enough.  We generally keep the house at 65, and we have lots of blankets so we’re okay.  We’re hoping the furnace will continue to work this much until next Friday, when the new furnace will be installed.  The current furnace is thirty three years old, so it’s been a good one, and at least the cold weather just began.

I joked that this next week would be a good time to do lots of baking.  It does help to keep the house warmer and the holidays are coming.  The drawer in the deep freeze for my son’s lunch breads needs to be refilled as well.  I got mini pumpkin bread loaves made yesterday and banana bread is next.  DS thinks it so funny that he has a whole freezer drawer dedicated to his lunches.

We’ve got someone working on another estimate for our bathrooms.  The last estimate didn’t break out the individual costs even though we asked for it.  This estimate will be broken out the was we want.  We have expensive tastes and will need to be able to adjust our choices down to our budget.  Unless something unforeseen happens, this will be the only time we renovate these bathrooms.  We want to do them right.

The expense of renovation is a little scary.  We have a home equity loan lined up, but we worked hard to pay the house off early and now we’ll have house debt again.  The house is simply at the point where it needs updating.  It was built in 1987 and the only updates have been done by us.  After the bathroom work is paid off, it will be time to look at the kitchen.  Builder grade cabinetry doesn’t hold up well.  I don’t want stainless steel appliances, but solid wood cabinets are important.  Again, I only want to remodel the kitchen once.

We’ll keep working on taking the popcorn ceilings down and replacing bedroom lights and flooring as possible.

Of course, I need to keep working on cleaning/organizing/paring down.  Yesterday saw a load of old sheets go to the animal shelter.  DD2 and I also spent time loving on the cats.  It’s important that we don’t do this too often, though, because there are so many loving kitties who climb on you, nuzzle, purr, etc.  We could have adopted the whole room.  DH and our current kitties would have had something to say about that.

I’m hearing the evil magician from Frosty the Snowman saying “Busy, busy, busy!”  Guess I’d better get to it.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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