The Holidays are Upon Us

My middle and I attended a holiday open house at Pier 1 this afternoon.  This store is her happy place, and I can admit that I like a lot of their inventory as well.  She won one of the gift cards they were giving away!  Everyone likes to win.  They told her the wrong amount of the card and she didn’t bring any money, so I paid the balance.  Of course I would have preferred that she had been told the correct amount, but the difference wasn’t too big.

We attended this same event last year, too.  It’s fun to poke around and get inspiration.  I could go crazy with Christmas decor if it weren’t for a few factors.

1. Money to pay for all of what I would like.

2. Space to store the items after the holiday.

3. My cats destroying the items while displayed for the holiday.

4. Driving my family nuts with a house decorated within an inch of its life.

I may attempt some home made items based on today’s inspirations.  I saw a pillow with evergreen trees which had gold beads for pine cones.  It was simple and elegant.  Add another project to the list.  (This is why I’ll never finish!)  There were several pretty table runners/decorations as well.  Two issues with a runner: my table is an oval, and my cats would pull on anything dangling over the edge.   I could, however, quilt an oval centerpiece and even add some bling.  Another project.

Several years ago I quilted some simple dark green place mats to try out hand quilting and dress the table for Christmas at the same time.  A couple of those are showing signs of wear.  Another project: new place mats.  Fortunately the napkins are still good.

When will I learn that while I love attending events like this, it’s just not healthy for me?  Oh, did I mention that I’m going to go tour a older home when it’s decked out for the season?  I’m sure I won’t find any inspiration there.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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