More Chores

The effort to catch up continues.  I know that I’ll probably never be fully caught up, but it’s a guarantee that you can’t reach the finish line if you drop out of the race.

I tackled the shed.  Oh boy did that need it.  There is still quite a bit of dirt on the floor, but my push broom couldn’t get in between the studs too well and my regular broom was covered with a sheet to attack the spider webs.  One corner remains to be handled.  I began removing scrap wood to clean – wood with mouse droppings on it.  It was a happy moment.  Anyway, two layers down I noticed the nesting material between the wood pile and the wall.  Thankfully, DH okayed me throwing out all of the wood scraps to take away mouse home potential.  We can put out larger items once a month for trash pick up, so chewed upon boxes of scraps as well as the loose scraps will go then.  I really hope no mouse comes running out of that nesting material.  I’m really hoping it’s an old nest.  I’m really going to have my son help me.

Each additional area cleaned makes me feel as if I’m getting somewhere.  What I need to spend copious amounts of time on, however, is my sewing stack.  The cats will have to be kicked out of my room while I’m cutting out patterns.  They won’t take that kindly, but they live to attack the fabric.  Last night I was cutting up the stack of old jeans set aside for a future jean quilt.  My lap was the most popular place on the planet.  One cat kept batting at my scissors.  I gave them a couple of seams from the legs.  It will take a while for the kitties to destroy those seams.

My sensory daughter wants the jean quilt for it’s heft.  My mom is giving her a weighted blanket for Christmas, but when posed with the question of “If you get a weighted blanket…”, the answer was yes she still wants the jeans.  If she’s not careful, she just might pile so much weight on herself that she crushes herself.  We’ll have to have some sensible guidelines, but it’s not as if this quilt will be constructed soon.  Too many projects are in line in front of it, and I don’t know if I have enough material for the front yet.  Pinterest is providing inspiration for the design in the mean time.

Christmas shopping for the kids is almost finished, and I’ve done a good amount of wrapping.  DH is taking care of his Mom’s gift this year, and I’ve got a good start on my own mom.  Other than that, I have one nephew to shop for (our family rule is that once kids graduate from high school, they are out of the gift pool), and I take the leftovers from the list he gives Mom.  I had an idea for my cousin’s daughter last year and scooped up a Spirograph during clearance.  I try to go for creativity oriented items.

Our moms are frequently asking for more ideas for the kids.  My middle is the easiest because she’s interested in so many different things.  My oldest sent me a list with eight items on it – to also be shared with grandparents.  Three of the items were CD’s.  I’ve had to prompt her a few more times.  My son has next to no ideas.  Sigh.  I love that my kids aren’t overly materialistic, but it makes for tough shopping at Christmas.

Back to chores.  The basement needs a major clean/reorganization, but is in a state of chaos with the mouse situation.  We’re still getting them in the traps, so many items are in plastic boxes, taking up additional space.  DH hasn’t been able to find an entry point, so we’re both of the theory that they came in through the holes in the chimney plywood before it was fixed.  I hope that’s the case and that we can get rid of the current residents.  I’d love to start a major clean up, but don’t know how much DH will be okay with me moving his things around.

DH is busy with his Master’s degree, which is why I tackled the garage and the shed alone.  I will be so glad when this degree is finished.  Of course I support my husband, but it’s tough to have life revolve around this degree work.  He found time to get away for a photography outing and then for a visit to his alma mater, but there are also things which really need him around the house.  He took a vacation day last week to deal with leaves, and thankfully they’re almost fully down.  I’ve raked some, but my arms/shoulders are still recovering from whatever I did to strain them, and it’s tough.  My son helps when he can but school is priority number one.  My daughter flakes out pretty quickly with shoveling and raking.  Whether real or dramatic, it amounts to the same thing.

We’ve got an appointment for an estimate on remodeling two bathrooms.  I’m a bit concerned that we’ll find out that our moisture problem is actually the bad mold.  One way or another, I’ll feel more at ease after the dry wall is ripped out and replaced.

I found a taker for a coat my son never needed.  He went through a number of coats in elementary school, and I had a clearance coat ready for the next zipper breakage, or whatever, and it never came.  That’s okay.  It was a small amount spent, is now a blessing to another family, and is out of our closet.

Small cleaning/tidying tasks add up over time.  I just need to keep plodding along.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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