Tired and Sore

It’s been quite busy since finding the evidence of mice last week.  One has been killed.  I don’t know how many others are down there.  Back in the spring we had the chimney worked on, and it was discovered that the chimney hadn’t been moisture barrier wrapped, and there were large holes in the particle board hidden by the siding.  I’m guessing that’s where they got in, and I’m also guessing that they’ve not come out of the walls and attic due to the cats…until they smelled chocolate.  Who knew that mice love chocolate?  They found my chocolate chip stash (for the kid’s waffles), too, but only got into one bag.

I’ve been moving things into plastic boxes, cleaning, and reorganizing in the basement.  I got a good share of the Christmas presents wrapped.  More shopping needs to be done, but I inspected the gifts for mouse tampering as I worked and then got them back into plastic tubs.  One problem is that the plastic tubs are about an inch wider than the boxes which they are replacing and don’t fit next to the oversized boxes on the other half of the closet.  DH doesn’t want to try to re-home the contents of those boxes, even though they’ve only been opened once or twice in twenty years.  They contain his Lego collection (specialty sets, mostly discontinued).  The kids have never been allowed to touch them.

I got over half of our pantry upstairs cleaned and reorganized amidst this chaos.  I had been about to work in the basement, but the cats were on my heels and I didn’t want them in the workroom, so I turned to the pantry.  The basement plan resumed in the afternoon, when the cats sleep.

This has also been a baking week.  My son’s stash of lunch breads had dwindled.  He thinks it’s amusing that one of the drawers in the upright freezer is kept mostly for his breads.  Anyway, I decided to surprise him with a batch of orange bread along with refilling the banana bread stash.  Usually he gets pumpkin, banana, or poppy seed.  Next semester I’ll be adding cornbread as my middle will be spending two days at college from 8am until 5:30 pm.  I’ve already purchased a highly rated food thermos.  She’s not fond of sandwiches either, and tends to make noodle things for her lunches.

I’m pretty proud of DD2.  She’s hung in there with her English class, even though she was pretty sure the teacher wanted her to drop the class after the panic attack happened.  I think the exact words were, “Maybe this isn’t the class for you” but my daughter isn’t a quitter.  She had planned to take her math class next semester but has delayed it and replaced it with the second sign language class.  I suggested she think about taking her phys. ed. class too, but that’s in her court.  Three classes may be the limit for now, but it’s one more than this semester.  Sometimes it’s difficult to adjust to her timeline, but I’d rather she go slowly than not at all.

My son had his first college visit recently on a professional development day.  Those days off still bother me, but we turned this one to an advantage.  I think he’s starting to get interested in/excited about college.  He’s got good grades, but doesn’t work to his full ability.  This college offers a pretty decent scholarship if he can raise his GPA to a 3.6 (he’s got a 3.51) and also if he gets above a certain SAT score (I can’t remember the number).  I think he already hit that on the SAT he took a couple years ago, so hopefully that won’t be an issue.  He wants to go back to this school for an open house, so I think we’ll have to work that in, even though we’ve asked him to keep his mind open to other schools.

Scanning old photos has been paused as my shoulders have been hurting as a result of the marathon of scanning.  I’m over half way finished and hate to put the project on hold as I don’t want to lose the momentum, but it’s pause or hurt.  Actually, I still hurt, but this will give me a chance to recover.  Once the work in the basement is finished, anyway.  Thankfully, I’ve had physical therapy for each of my arms and still have resistance bands, and had purchased a couple of the small items for use at home.  Time to pull the therapy box out.

I’m tired, but it’s a good tired.  My sleep has been well earned for several days now.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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