Explosions and Spiders – Oh my!

Last night my son almost drank a spider.  I’m surprised and impressed that our living room isn’t covered in black cherry koolaid stains.  The pitcher has been on the counter for a few days and been fine.  This particular pitcher doesn’t have a lid, but was the only one available at the time and with many sore throats in the house, I’ve been trying to keep a variety of liquids close at hand.

It was so hard not to go into a twenty minute, roll-on-the-floor laugh.

He rinsed, spit, and brushed his teeth.  I saw the drowned/dismembered spider in the sink.  It wasn’t small or pretty, but it blended in fairly well with the Koolaid.

I brought up the time when I was around seven, having dinner at my aunt’s house.  She was young in her housekeeping and kept her glassware stored open end up.  I was going to have Seven Up, and as I raised my glass to drink, I saw something in the glass.  Two spiders at the bottom.  My aunt was deeply embarrassed and now stores her glasses open side down.

Things happen.

The other night, I actually felt up for making dinner and wanted it to be a good one, so I decided to make a risotto which I hadn’t made for a while.  I pulled out my glass casserole dish which is relatively new but has been in the oven several times without incident.

Just a few minutes after the risotto was transferred into the oven, I hear a strange noise and open the oven to see that the dish has exploded and rice covers the bottom of the oven.  With an oven mitt, I pulled out some of the large glass chunks.  They further broke as I put them into the sink.

We ordered pizza and had the planned dinner the following night – after much time was spent cleaning the oven.

My husband laughed when I was singing “It’s a good night when dinner doesn’t explode” as I re-made the risotto the next night.

Life can be funny, even when we’re being frustrated.  Leave yourself open to laughter.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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