Summer Life

Society assumes that Moms hate the day school gets out.  That may be true for others, but I love the end of the school year.  It means I don’t have to watch the clock, make sure homework gets done, check the school website (you get lightly reprimanded if you don’t check the grade books often enough), and all that goes with school.

I enjoy having one less lunch to pack and sleeping in an extra half hour.  I enjoy watching my kids read stacks and stacks of books – I have a stack too, but have to go slower to also get other work done.  I was very purposeful in raising readers.

I enjoy our vacations.  Some are bigger than others, some have scary weather, some have annoying things happen, but we always find the joke and a way to laugh at any misfortunes and have a grand time together.  One parent at church once observed that everything fun her kids had done had been with other people.  (Our church has a very active youth group with frequent outings, a yearly youth conference, and every other year a missions trip to Peru where a friend of our youth pastor runs a children’s home.)  We had children to enjoy our time with them, and summer is a great time to enjoy our kids.

For Father’s Day weekend we went bowling and did an escape room.  Our oldest was working, but the rest of us still had a great time together.

DH and I waited up for DD1 for the first time on Saturday night.  She asked to get out of work early to attend a party with college friends – an hour and a half away – utilizing a busy and crazy highway – getting home late.  DH asked her to leave by 9:30, which is early but because of the reasons listed above.  She got home about 45 minutes later than she ought to have.  She walked in to find us, commented that we were up late, then I went to bed.  DH soon followed.  She’s actually been pleasant since then.  She even gave me her schedule for the week without an eye roll or groan.  (We share a car, so I need to know, but it’s also a courtesy.)  We didn’t even say anything to her about coming home late – just waited up unexpectedly.  I would love to have her remain her old self the rest of the summer without any big discussion.

This morning I went out to trim up the property line to one side of us.  It’s the neighbor’s weeds, but they never bother about it.  I trim up to a foot past the line, but in doing so I cut the brushy trees at a point that’s healthier for the tree.  They’ve never said anything to us about the yearly clean up.  They may just be happy to get free yard work.

I’m trying to stay on top of house and yard work, but am barely treading water.  The kids help as they can, but I want them to enjoy their time off as well.  What I really need is to dedicate a couple of days to sewing.  I got a few things done in recent weeks, but there are many projects to do.  I have to keep pushing myself in all of the tasks, and some days all I want to do is sit with an ice pack on my knee and a book in my lap.  Some days that scenario wins, if only for a few hours.

The local walking program started up at the beginning of June and runs through July.  It’s beating us up, especially my pesky knee.  I’ve been a ball of pain (feet, knees, you name it), but it’s good for me.  This is our fourth year participating, and for the first time, my name was drawn last night for the give away.  They’ve given out t-shirts in the past, and this year it’s a cooling towel, drawing after each walk.  It’s always fun to win, especially when you don’t expect to.

Tonight the walk takes place around a small, man-made lake, and the kids are most likely to go along.  They are so happy to be old enough to choose for themselves.  Dinner is a bit difficult as the walk starts at six and DD2 cannot eat first or she gets nasty cramps.  I’ve been working on getting as much prepared before we leave as possible, and if kids are staying home, trying to plan something that can just sit in the oven while we’re gone.  I really need to get back to menu planning.  One more thing for the to-do list.



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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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