Oh, What a Day!

My dryer decided that it no longer wants to blow hot air.  Okay.  I pulled out the drying racks and put them wherever they would fit (my daughter’s room is the place of choice, but she’s home for the summer).

The first day available for repair is Monday, and DD1 was already whining that she has laundry to do tonight.  I pointed out that she could wash it, hang it overnight, then finish drying it at a laundromat in the morning before work.  That suggestion was met with annoyed silence.  As if I’m thrilled to not have a functioning dryer.  She’s been annoyed to varying to degrees since she came home.  We may have to deal with that soon.

My son’s high school decided to cancel seventh hour due to graduation (why Wednesday?)- only they didn’t tell the parents.  They told the students….yesterday.  My son forgot to tell me.  The main drive, where I normally pick up my son, was blocked off and my son was waiting somewhere completely off the grid.

Our school system is horrible when it comes to communicating with parents.  They sent an e-mail out today about the grad’s schedules and that the drive would be blocked, but didn’t bother to mention the early dismissal.  I want to rake them over the coals, but am instead venting here first.  After all, my son has two more years.

There are things about the school that are really good, and others that irritate me no end.  Two more years.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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