More Progress!

This week I finished the scrap blanket for DD and then made curtains for DH’s office and three travel pillow cases.  (We like our pillows.)  The curtains and pillow cases all came from an old flat sheet which lost it’s fitted companion due to a crumbling of elastic.  There’s enough material to make one more pillow cover.  The curtains were small – just for two basement windows.

DD2 helped me in the garden Monday afternoon, and my knee still hasn’t forgiven me.  (arthritis)  This garden has been overrun with violets for years now.  The past two years I skipped adding plants and worked on getting the violets out.  Still working on those stupid things.  My daughter worked on weeds while I dug out plants to move to sunnier areas.  This garden used to be full sun and is now mostly shade in full summer.  Once I’d moved a bunch of plants I worked on weeds.  I also put down a large amount of cardboard to attempt a mass, non-chemical kill of weeds.  We’ll see how it works.

The goal is to pull out as many plants as are worth saving, then re-work the garden adding landscape fabric in a lot of it to help prevent weeds.  I want to propagate my hydrangea and plant several in this area, then divide out other plants which do well in lower light and bring them to this area.  The plan is for lower maintenance and plants which will thrive.

DH has an itch to go somewhere this weekend.  When I asked him where he was thinking of going, the only thing he had was a trip to the other side of the state to take pictures.  Photography has been his hobby for a few years now and I am supportive of it, but for sanity’s sake I had to point out that a family outing involves doing something that everyone will enjoy.  I did not add that I positively do not plan on spending six hours in the car so I can sit with bored children while he takes pictures.  He decided he’ll take tomorrow off from work and do the pictures on his own, then we’ll do something together on the weekend.  Much better plan.  When I told the girls, my eldest half yelled, “Thank you!

I’m concerned for my mom and can’t do much about it.  Last fall she got a puppy, having been without a dog for over twenty five years.  She got a German Shepard, which we had in days past and love.  She had hoped to adopt an older dog, but simply wasn’t finding the dog she wanted.  Her puppy has been a handful, but absolutely changed things for Mom for the better.  She found a dog trainer who has come to her home twice a week and worked on specific issues with them for the past several months, helping with the exuberance of a puppy.

Now, this dog needs to be re-homed.  Mom is torn up about it, but after being jumped on, with teeth, multiple times, medical reasons ruled out by the vet, it’s time to find her a new owner.  I’m glad that Mom isn’t going to take a chance with her dog accidentally hurting her seriously.  I’m glad that the dog will go to a new owner before she reaches the point that a new home isn’t an option – I know that euthanasia becomes mandatory at some point.  Mom (and I) are hoping that the vet can find a younger owner with a larger stature and firmer nature.  My concern is for Mom’s mental state with this loss.  Hopefully God will show me ways to support Mom without overstepping.

Now I just need to keep the momentum going on the project list and the garden.



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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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