Happy Easter

Our oldest is in the middle of exam week.  The first day of exams was Thursday, putting Easter right in the middle of it all.  We couldn’t take our daughter away from school for the entire weekend, so we went down Saturday and stayed overnight.

The kids have always hunted eggs on Easter morning, but they each found 8 real eggs hidden around the first floor.  Being away from home for the first Easter the kids have had, I wanted to do something big.  We already had several plastic eggs, but I bought 8 dozen more in preparation for a huge outdoor hunt.

Saturday brought tons of rain, so we went to the middle of campus and hid the eggs around the campus bell tower where there’s a lot of cement on the ground.  DH got tired of hiding eggs before they were all placed, so I went with what we had.  The remaining eggs will go into a basket for anyone to take from, which we’ve traditionally done anyway.

It was fun, though my son wouldn’t touch the dozen glitter eggs I’d bought, but he would show them to the girls.  I put way too much chocolate out there, but boy was it fun!

Tensions were high between my girls, as usual.  My oldest has always behaved as a second mother to her sister, though there are only fifteen months between them.  My middle has matured greatly over the years, but something about visiting DD1 brings old behaviors/reactions out and DD1 has less than zero patience for it.

DD2 is on a different timeline and path than her sister.  Sensory Processing Disorder ‘gifted’ DD2 with anxiety, which takes more work to learn to live with and work through, which DD1 just doesn’t understand.  Anxiety is a monster to live with, but DD2 didn’t choose to have it.  She took a gap year after graduating from high school, and I think it was absolutely the right decision for her.  I’ve seen a lot of growth, and honestly she’s still had a course of study this year.  We found a couple of books written for SPD based anxiety in late teens and adults.  That was in the fall.  Since then, she’s been studying languages and linguistics all on her own.  For someone who took a year off of school, she’s learned a lot this year.

I spoke with DD2 today, not for the first time, about being assertive and confident in herself.  I don’t want to pit her against her sister, I just want her to understand that she has a voice, can make her own choices, and that DD1 isn’t in charge.

We’ll have to talk to DD1 on the ride home from school next weekend.

On a lighter note, I was able to get the yearly chocolate haul for next year’s Easter baskets this morning.  Too many people have figured out the ‘day after’ shopping strategy, and I’m not always able to get the items I’m going for anymore.

Strawberries and pineapple were on super specials last week and I got them in the freezer for fruit smoothies.  My son and I have been enjoying making those lately and I’d rather do a little work and make my own bags of ready-to-go fruit (for a third of the price or less!)

Winter coats, hats, and gloves got washed today!  70 degrees and sunny!  Time to go enjoy the weather.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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