Good Things

This week was my son’s honor roll recognition assembly.  Each class level gets its own time slot, so it only takes about a half hour, including the donuts afterward.  He didn’t want to take part in the program and I couldn’t understand why.  He finally told me that he feels these assemblies are a waste of time and he would rather be working in the classroom.

This is one good kid.  (I have told you that we’re a nerdy family, right?)  Yes, he was in the assembly, but doesn’t want his certificate.  Okay.  We’ll keep that.  I told him that it’s okay to take a few minutes like this now and then.  After all, the athletes get their recognition, so why not let academics have it too?

My middle daughter helped me in the kitchen last night.  She doesn’t usually volunteer, but she knows how much I’ve been struggling for the past week (got slammed with cold number 317 for the year).  That was also after she gave me a back rub after dinner.  So sweet.

My son gives me an evening back rub more nights than not.  Just because.

I freely admit to my family that I’m greedy when it comes to back rubs.

My oldest got a teaching assistant position for next year.  This is on top of the academic peer mentor position which pays room and board, and the renewable tuition scholarship.  She’s making monthly payments on the loan she had to take for last year, and with our help that should be paid off before her fifth year starts.  Her program is five years, and the way it’s structured her semester of earned credit doesn’t make any difference.

Sunday afternoon I crawled into bed, calling the cats hopefully on my way up the stairs.  My cat came, flopped into my shoulder, and purred me to sleep.  She stayed with me the whole time.  I’ve never gotten this awesome of a cuddle from her, so I didn’t sleep as deeply as I should have – petting her often to encourage the behavior.  I don’t know if the interrupted sleep helped my cold, but I still felt great.  She’s also come to cuddle with me a couple of nights this week.  I’ll be half awake with my cat at my side worming under my hand.  Somehow I need to get her to do this in the day.

Our new dresser finally arrived.  We heard “Seven to ten days” several times over the course of the past several weeks and are quite glad to be finished with the wait.

I finally cleaned the lazy susan in the kitchen.  Several spice/herb bottles needed to be cleaned and refilled.  I buy most of my herbs and spices from an Amish grocery store now.  They’re in little round tubs which will fill a normal spice bottle at least twice, but cost a lot less than at the grocery store.  The last cupboard in the kitchen to go through is the pantry.  Ugh.  Not looking forward to that one.

I’ve got a sack of items to donate.  It’s not a huge amount of items, but every sack counts.

I found two bags of books to donate back to the library.  For home school, I would attend the library sales on bag day ($6 for a grocery sack of books) and load up on informational books (text books, mostly) and any literature which I thought I might use for English.  The intent was always to donate it back later so they can sell it again.

Most of the snow we have left is where it piled up from shoveling.  Daytime temperatures are becoming starting to consistently be above freezing.  I’m so ready to see green shoots.  I even have flowers ready to go in the ground when it thaws.  I need to order blueberry bushes and strawberry plants.

I’ve worked on my book, mostly refining/editing what has been written so far, but it’s still good to pull it back out.

Enjoy all of the good things in your life, the big and the small.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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