Can Open, Worms All Over

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic.  Let me rephrase the title.  Closet opened, contents everywhere.

I’ve been working on projects for about 100 years now (you’ll get used to the dramatic strain).  Yesterday I was converting two old sets of waterbed sheets into one half used set.  The bottom sheet wears out, but the top sheet is usually still okay.  Waterbed sheets are extremely pricey (in my eyes), starting around $90, last time I checked.  Several years ago I found flat sheets on clearance.  I bought enough to make four sets of sheets.  Good thing I did, because they were being clearanced to make way for the new trend of selling sheets in sets only, and making a set of waterbed sheets works best with two flat sheets.

I spent a couple hours making one flat sheet into a new bottom sheet.  You have to cut two sides to fit the mattress, then use the excess to make pockets to fit over the corners.  All that was left was attaching the top and bottom sheets.  I looked in the linen closet for the top sheet from the other old set, and pulled out a bottom sheet.  This led to emptying the closet to find the saved top sheet.

Mission accomplished, newish sheets on the bed, other newish set in the laundry.  Then I had to deal with the closet.  This closet has been on my list of things to do, I just hadn’t planned on dealing with it yesterday.

I found several sheets whose elastic fell apart when I stretched corners, one of which was also covered in pill balls.  I found a small stack of towels with ragged edges.  I found a stack of pillow cases which no longer had sheet sets to go with.  I’ve thrown the bottom sheets out.  That hurt.  It feels so wasteful, even though they’re worn out.  I saved the top sheets and added another project to the sewing list: shopping bags which will hopefully fold into a pocket.  The towels will go to our local animal shelter, and I’ll see if they can also use the flannel pillow cases for the animals to lay on.

More organizing needs to be done in this closet, but I need to make a trip to the dollar store to see what kind of containers I can find for cleaners and toiletries.

It’s just as well that I had to pull this closet apart.  It’s been a few years since the last clean out.  Next should be my bedroom closet.  The kitchen pantry and lazy susan both need to be deep cleaned as well.  Our pantry is too deep for a good pantry, so things end up at the back and get forgotten.  I really have to push myself for these projects.

The sewing list is plugging along.  The two sets of waterbed sheets have been made out of the old four sets.  When these start to get holes I’m going to push for the new bed.  We’ve been talking about replacing this bed for five years.  It’s time to actually do it.  The bed we really want isn’t in the budget yet, and may have to wait until the kids are out of college, but we can get a new mattress and I found a frame to set it on which will put the mattress at the correct height, is actually two twin size frames which hook together, and it folds up when you aren’t using it.  That will be wonderful to have on hand when we some day have grandchildren visiting and need extra places to sleep.

I just finished a hand sewing/beading project for my oldest daughter.  Last year I made several beaded butterflies out of felt for DD2’s open house.  DD1 wanted DD2 to give some of said butterflies over.  (Does it ever end?)  I stepped in and offered to make separate butterflies for DD1.  It only took ten months to get that one done!

There is much more sewing and cleaning and organizing to be accomplished.  Little by little, it will be done.  As hard as I try to avoid taking on new projects, they throw themselves into my face and will not be ignored.  My mother has said many times that she needs projects to do.  I don’t think I’ll ever be at a loss for things to do.  If that day comes, it might be a nice change.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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