Taken Care Of

My son is now out of welding.  It took an unanswered email, an unanswered phone message, a couple of attempts to call the counselor (he never picks up his phone), and then a visit to the school.

That was interesting.

When I showed up in person, without an appointment (how could I make an appointment when he never picks up the phone or answers messages?), I was met with smiles.  Oh, he had been speaking with the administration and with the ladies who work in the media center and was going to call my son in for a meeting next week.  My son was all set to drop welding and spend the time in the library instead.

He said he was glad I had come in and saved him a meeting next week.

I’m not stupid.  I am, however, glad to have everything settled.

This wasn’t about my son not receiving the grade I felt he ought to.  It was about the fact that he wasn’t able to keep up and finish all of the tasks, even with attending the weekly work time after school.  This kid, if praised every waking minute of a month, would still be making “yeah, but…” statements to attribute the good things elsewhere.  I struggled with dropping this class, but ultimately it was about what was best for DS.

Thankfully the school made it painful.

This district has been terrible with communication since the kids began kindergarten.  I can’t wait for graduation.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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