As always, I’m working on tidying my house.  I have yet to achieve my desired state of tidiness, but to me it’s most important that I simply keep working toward the goal.  After all, even if I reach my ideal house cleanliness/tidiness, there will be other members of the family who will quickly take advantage of the new flat surfaces exposed.  No need to stress myself out, but as new piles keep forming it’s best to keep attacking them.

This weekend I made another flannel scrap blanket.  This is number six, so each of the kids now has two baby/toddler blankets stashed away for them that are made out of their old pajamas and nightgown scraps.  Two of my kids get very attached to clothing, so this will be meaningful to them.  I bought a clear tub for each of the kids and will keep working with the flannel until it’s gone.  My oldest only has enough scraps left for some burp cloths, but the younger two were more addicted to the home made jammies and I can easily make another blanket for each of them.

The purpose here is to use up scraps in a useful way while having something home made to pass down to my kids/future grandkids.  I’m not terminally ill nor overly morbid.  My sister died at the age of fifty and none of us are promised a certain number of days.  DH has teased me a little with this project, but I will continue.

I’ve been doing well at staying out of  JoAnn’s and Michael’s, and the few times I’ve broken down and browsed, have not come out with new project materials.  I admit that I’m rather addicted to needlecrafts and have an overflowing stack of projects waiting for my time and attention.  I have a long list of sewing projects alone and need to devote some serious time to completing a good many of them.

My list of projects is included in my tidying frame of mind because the materials take up physical space and the list is in my head as well as on paper.  I’m often finding new crafts I’d like to try, and would like to feel free to give them time.  A looming list is not a good thing to carry around.

Later this week I’ll be helping DD2 to begin tidying her room.  It’s fairly neat, but full.  This a child who can’t let go of things, even when outgrown.  We’ll have to move section by section, and I plan to start with the clothes hanging in her closet.  The rod is packed tight, and I know that not everything still fits.  I’ll need to go in sections to help keep her from becoming overwhelmed.

My son was supposedly cleaning his room over Christmas break, but I only found a bit of trash in the waste can.  Today I found a stash of dirty clothes half under his bed.  Sigh.  This boy does not value a neat space at all.  I’ve never asked perfection of my children, but I’d like to be able to get the vacuum in the door once in a while.

Last year I pulled everything out of his room that was on the floor and put it in his sister’s room (then at college).  He had to tackle the mess, going through everything before finding a home for it back in his room.  I really don’t want to do that again.  I’m not sure what tack I’ll take this time, but something has to happen.

I hate having to hound him about his room.  I can’t wait for the day that I don’t have this fight on my hands any more, though I’m not rushing him out the door.  Can I keep him and just ship his mess off?  I feel as if I’m constantly on his back.  Three of his grades have slipped, so I’ve had to be on him about that, we’re working on his writing skills, and his room is constantly a sty.  This kid needs building up and I don’t like having to be the adult and address these other issues when he needs a LOT of positive reinforcement.  Some people get puffed up with too much praise, but my son is not one of those people.

Being a parent is a tough balancing act.

I digress.

Today I went through Christmas stuff.  The bow box had miscellaneous items which were no longer needed.  The box of wrapping paper had small pieces which got banged up instead of used.  Tags and bags had become scattered into three separate locations.  Having them in one place will keep me from thinking I’m lacking something and purchasing new items before the old are gone.  It felt good to get things organized.

Yesterday was milder than normal, so even though I didn’t feel wonderful, I got the outdoor lights down.  Today is colder and snowier.  So glad I listened to the inner voice!  Today, hearing the cats mess with the Christmas tree lights spurred me to get those put away as well.  The ornaments came down a few days ago.  Un-decorating is tough when I’m fighting a cold, but I spread it out and sit down a lot.

Ever forward.  That’s how I need to go with tidying.  A drawer here, a closet there, my son’s room forever… I may never get to the place I’d like my house to be, but it’s better to keep working toward a goal than to give up on it.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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