Catching Up

I’ve been trying to ‘catch up’ on housework and projects for years now.  I’m always staring down a to-do list of one kind or another.  That might lead you to think I spend my days fretting over the lists.  I don’t.  There are moments of fret, days of laziness, days of industry, and those days which fall in between.

I recently had a day of industry in the sewing stack which felt really good.  I had some Christmas flannel (bought at a fantastic sale price) to make up into pillow covers for our family/living room.  The room is tight and does not get our Christmas tree, so I try to bring other decorations in.  Two years ago I bought miniature trees for the mantle and battery powered lights for them.  Pillow covers seemed like a good idea as the cats won’t shred them to bits, yet I can have fun with the colors.  I have two sets of every day covers for them, and now have two sets of Christmas covers.

Every month or so I have to ask my son to catch up on keeping his room tidy.  I try not to beat this drum too hard or too frequently to hopefully give him space to see the mess for himself.  Alas, he usually chooses not to see the mess and Mom needs to nag a bit.

My MIL offered to host Thanksgiving this year, which is a mental YAY! for me.  I don’t enjoy hosting big dinners.  It’s not my wheelhouse and I always forget at least one thing.  We’ll go to my mom’s house the next day.  With her new puppy, she’s not traveling for a while – maybe not until DS graduates in two and a half years.  I told her not to plan anything big.  It may just be Little Ceasar’s.  The main thing is the visit.  Our kids hate the traditional holiday meal anyway.  I’m taking a spaghetti casserole to MIL’s for turkey day, to make sure they eat.

Here’s where someone who doesn’t know my kids will say, “If they’re hungry, they’ll eat.”  No they won’t.  Been there, done that.  My daughter, in particular, will go without food for an entire day rather than eat something she doesn’t like.  She doesn’t do this with a nasty attitude, she just doesn’t eat.  With her SPD, however, her body then gets out of sorts and makes her grouchy.  It’s better now that she’s older and is more aware of her system and makes a bigger effort, so I try to meet her half way.

I’ve made some progress on housework, but everything constantly keeps getting dusty/dirty/whatever and needs attention.  I just have to keep plugging along.

Now we approach the holidays and decorating.  The thing about decorating is that it also involves cleaning.  For me, it just doesn’t make sense to put decorations on a dusty surface, especially when the decorations make cleaning more difficult.  The good news is that I have a helper this year.  I’m going to put my stay at home daughter to work beside me.

I need to keep plodding along.  The list will never go away, but if I don’t keep working on it, the list will only grow.


About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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