An Unbreakable Christmas

The other day, DH and I were talking about Christmas and the fact we can’t decorate the tree all the way down this year, with young kittens.  We decided to leave the bottom row or two of branches off of our artificial tree this year as well.  Thinking further, I invested in shatterproof (fancy word for plastic, there) ornaments.  For the next couple of years We’ll leave the glass ornaments packed away as well as the made-at-school and difficult to replace ornaments.

This could actually be a lot of fun.  We get to have a different tree for a bit.  The topper will be silver clip on poinsettias instead of our light up star.  It’s a chance to make a slew of things with the kids and to try out some crochet patterns I found on Pinterest.

These kitties are much more adventurous than our last pair.  This just might be the year the tree gets knocked over, hence all of the unbreakable things to put on it.

One of our last kitties stole bows from packages, so DH and I used that as an excuse to not put presents under the tree until the day before they were needed.  The kids came to prefer not having the gifts out early.

I’d far rather make a small investment in plastic, than be furious because a favorite ornament was destroyed by playful kitties.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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