Back to Teaching

Following my son’s evaluation results, I called the recommended tutoring center.  We played some phone tag, finally connected, then I found that they don’t offer tutoring for writing organization.  They mostly handle dyslexia as it pertains to reading.  Well, DS tested at the college reading level (he’s in tenth grade), so that rules this option out.  She suggested that I find a retired elementary teacher to help him.

I never retired, just left the schools to raise my children.   The tutoring center just knocked the ball back into my court.  I’m not opposed to tutoring my son, just thought he might do better with someone else.

I now have two books on the way, found worksheets to help with paragraph construction, and developed a plan for his handwriting and for starter work on paragraphs.  I spoke with my son when I picked him up after school yesterday, letting him know that I don’t want him to feel as if he’s back in first grade.  I let him know that if he and I both give this an honest shot and it isn’t working, we’ll look at other tutoring options.

The positives are that I know what his interests are without a “getting to know you” phase.  That will help with writing topics.  I have access to his books, and have his permission to copy them.  I’m going to write out portions of his favorite books for him to trace.  I also have a line of communication with his teachers, and will get any feedback directly.

My homeschool child graduated last spring.  Now I’m right back in it.  Good thing God led me to get a teaching degree.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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