Last night was the meeting where we found out what’s ‘wrong’ with our son, causing his writing to be so disjointed.  We didn’t find out much we didn’t already know, but that’s okay.  The point of having the evaluation was to rule things out as much as it was to identify.

The good news is that no IEP will be needed.  Too bad for the school – no extra money from the state.  Sorry.  That was very cynical of me.  Bad experiences with DD2, the school, and her sensory processing.

There is no ADHD, which by survey results from the teachers seemed to be a slight concern.  They all said he was inattentive at times.  The doctor said my son is probably a bit bored, based on the intelligence tests.  I doubt they expected to hear that.

It was good for DS to hear that the tests showed that he’s really smart.  His father and I and many others already knew that, but it can be much more powerful to hear something positive from a disinterested source.  He has a tough time believing in his good qualities, so I was geeking to have him hearing so much to the plus side.

He does have dysphonic dyslexia, but that mostly affects his spelling.  Could be worse.

There is work to be done, but it’s all attainable.  The results of the evaluation were that his writing organization is horrible, which is the reason all of this process was begun in the first place – by me.  Of course, the place recommended to contact for tutoring told me the person I need to speak to isn’t in the office on Wednesday.  Of course.  That will have to wait a day.

The only thing which wasn’t addressed was his handwriting.  I think we’ll just have to brute force practice that.  He’ll be thrilled.  I also want him to work on typing skills this summer.  Again, he’ll be thrilled.

I wrote an email to his teachers letting them know the bare bones.  It will be interesting to see how school goes as he works on his writing organization skills.  An outside person could definitely be more effective than me.  We don’t always want our parents tightly involved.

It’s good to have things ruled out, and to know that the picture isn’t as dim as it might have been.  It’s good to know about the dyslexia, as DH probably also has it, and it is often a genetic trait.  Good for all of my kids to know when their own children come along.

Time to get to work.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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