Enjoy the Win

My son finally completed his first stick weld today!  We’ve all (DH, our son, and myself) been concerned that he would have to either drop welding or fail as he just hasn’t been able to make this weld.  (Strike an arc? I think that’s how he put it)  So here I am celebrating this accomplishment and my son starts saying that he was wearing a particular helmet and maybe he won’t be able to do it a second time, etc.  I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him if he could just enjoy the fact he’d done it.

Ah, my Eeyore.

On the plus side, DS has been doing great on getting his assignments turned in this year.

I’m working to get back on track with household projects.  Friday I got a huge batch of pumpkin bread made for my son’s lunches.  Sunday DS and I tried two new quick bread recipes for a church baby shower, and there were enough leftovers to put up six more lunches for him.  We made orange bread and lemon bread, but as we were baking between services we ran out of time and didn’t get them glazed.  He still liked the breads, but we agreed that the next time they’ll be glazed.

Tonight we tried a new pasta recipe (parmesan garlic spaghetti) and it was a hit, so tonight I added three new recipes to the typed recipe book I’m keeping for the kids.  I need to print a few pages to update my binder.  The pages are all in sheet protectors and I just bought enough index tabs for my binder and each of the kids.  I typed the recipes a few years ago to make it easy to pass them on to the kids as they fly to their own nests, then printed one set out to try to make it easier for the kids to get in the kitchen.  They still need a prod.  My son likes to get in the kitchen, but never thinks about it on his own.

I’ve had a few sessions of deep cleaning.  I used to deep clean each of the bedrooms once a year, but haven’t gotten that done for a few years.  I’m working on our master bedroom and have been trying to take it in sections.  DH gets frustrated when I clean like this as I usually ask him to put something(s) away, throw things out, etc.  He’s got a bunch of abandoned dress shoes.  I may have to stealthily throw a pair or two out for him.

DD2 rode her bike across town to the library.  That’s huge as she hasn’t ridden around town before, and if she keeps this up it will help build her confidence and independence.  I just downloaded a blank W-4 and directions for filling it out.  She’s scared of the whole ‘work’ thing, and I’m hoping to take some of that scariness away.

I’ve been dealing with some things keeping me tired and I historically have a day of industry followed by a day of tiredness.  I’m going to have to push myself each day.




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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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