These Cats of Ours

We adopted sister kittens about two months ago.  Things have been a bit different since they’ve come into our home.  Our previous cats were adopted way back in 2001, so it’s been a while since we lived with kittens.

Our brand new curtains, which we waited about 18 years to get, are looped up on the curtain rod to prevent kitten 1 from climbing them.  We don’t want the other curtains climbed, but they are all much older and we don’t want to stop using all of them.  One tie back has been put away, however, to keep it from being a focal point.  When holding the curtain, it resides within reach from the back of my recliner.  Enough said.

My son is watched down the sidewalk each morning as he leaves for school.  I think he likes this small attention.

I often wake up with a cat curled up against my side in the morning.  Granted, she’s waiting for me to wake up and feed her, but I’ll still take it.

Kitten 1 gives me ‘love fests’ of cuddling and purring while she gets attention lavished upon her.

It’s funny to find out how picky kitten 1 is about her canned food.  No pate-style for her, thank you very much.  Kitten 2 is quite happy to finish the other half.  Kitten 2 is getting a bit of a belly as a result, but these kitties are at an age where I’m slowly reducing the canned food, so kitten 2 will likely slim back down.

Kitten 2 steals the cloth napkins from the table, so we’re using up napkins from a graduation open house for now.  Too funny to see the cat dragging a napkin through the house as if it’s a great and noble trophy.

My son has learned that if he insists on taking his socks off in the living room, kitten 2 may steal one of those socks.

I love watching the cats push their toy basket over and look through the toys to choose what they want to play with, or to push their noses through until they find a pompon to chase.

It’s funny to see one or two paws sticking out from underneath furniture as if they haven’t quite figured out how to hide.

It’s fun to hear the cats racing back and forth through the house for an hour every morning as they chase toys, each other, or a combination of the two.

It’s so nice to have cats again.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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