Time Marches On

It’s August and my oldest heads back to school in a little less than three weeks.  She’s going back early due to her job (which earns room and board!!!)  DD1 can’t wait to see her friends again and is even more ready to be done with her summer job.  As I’ve stated before, I’m not her sympathetic ear on work and she knows it.  My kids have heard my summer work stories many times.

I had a great summer job for five summers – during and just past college.  I worked for one of our state’s parks, which meant forty hours a week and a little bit more than minimum wage at the time.  The first summer, I was mostly on maintenance and was so tired that I was often in bed by 7pm.  My dad had to wake me a few times as friends would pop in to visit.  It was a great job.  Yes, it was work, but I had been raised to expect that in a job.  The call that no one wanted to get was to “weed whack the campground” (200 sites).

Back from the rabbit trail, my son starts driver ed next week.  I don’t think he’s excited about it, but I want it done before school starts so we have optimal time for practice hours.  I dangled the carrot that he could be the sibling who is the youngest when obtaining his license.  DD1 got hers on her 18th birthday.  I don’t know when DD2 will get hers.  Her permit runs out in a few weeks and she’s terrified of driving.  She’s had driver ed, so she’s got the initial training and we live in town, so she’s making plans to utilize her bicycle.  I want her to be a safe driver for her own sake as well as for the others on the road, so I’m not going to push her at this time.

DD2 got her first application for veterinary assistant.  She can’t be hired until she’s 18, and that doesn’t happen until the end of the month, but she can start the job hunt.  I hope she can find a position.  I’m sure that if she gets into an office she’ll quickly decide that she wants to be able to do more and go for her vet tech degree.  School is scary for her, especially math, so it’s important for her to feel quite motivated to succeed.  If anxiety weren’t part of the equation, she’d be a teacher’s dream.  She reads encyclopedias and informational books for fun.

Summer is flying by, and driver ed will make it go even faster.  Those three weeks are a pain.  Needed, but still a pain.  I’ll be driving DD1 to work and to appointments while shuttling DS to and from class/driving practice.  Ugh.  I can get through three weeks.  It’s also the last three week driver ed stretch I need to go through.  That will keep me going.

I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d planned on, but there is no greater reason/excuse for staying comfy in a chair than a kitten cuddling with you and purring up a storm.  Dust can wait.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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