It’s Arrived

Summer, that is.  I finally feel that it is summer.  We’ve settled back in to daily life after vacation.  DH went back to work yesterday, I took the kids to the library, we all spent hours reading yesterday (I know, the house still needs an overhaul, but it’s summer), and the kids are sleeping in.  My oldest is working so we still have a schedule to follow, but it’s not the same as during the school year.

Regarding DD1’s summer job, sharing a vehicle stinks.  She needs a car for her own use next summer.  With her work schedule and all of the appointments we need to work around on top of that, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to fit driver ed in for my son.  We had it set up, but the driving school ended up closing.  He’s only turning 15 this summer, so there’s time to do it next year.  I was hoping for more time to get the driving hours in but we’ll adjust if need be.

DD1 had her first accident while we were on vacation.  Her fault.  Friends in the car.  Distracted?  Maybe.  We’ve not come down too hard on her.  She did, after all, have to call us on vacation and tell her father that she damaged his car after eleven years of no dents and great condition.  She also learned about paying tickets.  I made sure she did the math to know just how many hours she worked to pay for it.  That was a good thing my mom did for me way back when I was a teenager shopping for a prom dress.  I found it to be effective, and DD1 did too.

The damage isn’t terrible but will need to be fixed.  The passenger door won’t open without rubbing severely on the front panel around the wheel.  We’re hoping this was a wake up lesson to not get cocky about driving ability.

Bread is rising.  I made a batch as a thank you this past weekend and the smell was enticing all of us.  The main work is finished.  Now we’re in rise, knead, rise, knead, rise, shape, rise, bake mode.

Fireworks are tomorrow night.  I love watching fireworks, but hate everything else that come with it: waiting in the heat, mosquitoes, traffic to leave, parking way far away to avoid traffic and the seemingly endless walk to and from the viewing area.

I’m really good at complaining.  Too bad no one will hire me to sit around and complain all day.

Anyway, DH loves fireworks, so off we’ll go.

We’ve picked out our carpet and padding and have someone coming to measure the room.  Cats are ever closer, so I bought kitten food this week.

After visiting the Celtic store in Gatlinburg, my son wanted a clan history book on his Christmas list.  I found a clan map and book for $20 on Amazon, just a dollar more than that same map (only the map) would have cost in the store.  I told him it’s history and we didn’t need to wait for Christmas.  He’s almost finished with the book already.

Tonight my son will join me in the kitchen and we’ll try our hand at making Mexican rice, which he and his sister love.

The wish list of things to learn and do is a mile long.

Summer has begun.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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