Enough Vacation Already

I’ve decided that two weeks is just too much vacation for me.  I was ready to come home around day eight.  Maybe it’s because I’m older and appreciate home more.  For whatever reason, I don’t want to be away from home that long again.

We had a great time, although this was the first time we left our oldest at home (she had to work).  It was odd not having DD1 with us, but we’ve had a year of her being in college so it’s not a completely foreign thing to us.

We began with a few days in Atlanta.  The Georgia Aquarium is awesome!  Those four whale sharks are incredible to watch, especially when they swim over you in the acrylic tunnel.  Other sharks, giant manta rays, and other sea creatures are in the same tank.  We took the behind the scenes tour and watched the whale sharks being fed from the top of the tank, which was incredible.

Another fun feature is in the penguin enclosure.  There is a tunnel you can crawl through to get to two viewing spots where you can stand eye to eye with the penguins.  I didn’t chance my arthritic knee in the tunnel, but my tall DH went through with his camera backpack on to give you an idea of the size.

After Atlanta, we parked ourselves in Gatlinburg.  One day we drove over to Cherokee and relaxed in a park right along the main drag.  The river runs through the park and has a rocky bottom, fun for wading.  DH set up hammocks, which were the envy of many.  We had visited Cherokee many years ago and knew we wanted a few hours in this spot.

DH and DD2 did many a day hike, DS joining them only for the first.  After that he hung out with me.  The Gatlinburg Parkway doesn’t hold much interest for me, other than a few hidden gem shops set back from the main strip.  I hit the Arts and Crafts trail on the yellow line trolley and had fun exploring shops manned by the craftsperson/artist who created the goods for sale.  One artist paints on mostly reclaimed wood.  I loved all her works, but settled with getting Christmas ornaments painted on wood slices, which may have been the only ‘canvases’ in the shop which were not reclaimed.

On the way home we went a bit out of our way to visit Kentucky Down Under once more.  It has never disappointed us.  We love petting and feeding the kangaroos.

Now we’re home and I’ve done mounds of laundry and been to the grocery store and put countless items away.  One thing I missed while away was comfortable furniture to hang out on in the evening when everything is winding down.  I kicked my eldest out of ‘my’ chair without any feelings of guilt our first evening home.

So school has only been out two weeks and the summer is one third over.  The appointments begin next week (dental, eye, etc.), new carpet and padding is chosen and kitties will soon be able to be adopted and loved.  I bought a new litter box many months ago and set it in place covered by a garbage bag, just waiting for the day we’d bring new family home.  I have a soft ‘cave’ and a soft ‘cuddle cup’ along with several new toys waiting, and hope to add a cat tree.  Soon the fluff balls will come.

Maybe that’s why I was ready to come home.  This house has been without cats for too long.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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