I’m so excited!  I just received my video course on sewing.  I’ve been sewing for more than ten years now, but am mostly self taught and this course looks as if it has a lot of techniques I can benefit from.  I have books to learn from on general sewing, hand sewing, pattern fitting and making, but seeing things demonstrated can really set things in my mind.

There are tons of videos on the internet which are free, and I have utilized some of them.  It can be difficult to choose which one is the best to watch, who knows what they’re doing, etc, and I don’t often have enough patience to sift through them.  I hesitated over the cost of this DVD set ($100 when I first looked) and put it on the back burner.  Recently it went on sale for $50 with no shipping cost and I snapped it up.

Even though I’m not a newbie, I will watch it from the beginning.  Being self-taught, I could easily have missed something.  After all, I’ve only concentrated on what I’ve needed for each project along the way.

There are many skills I have on my wish list.  You know, for all of that new free time now that my home schooler has graduated.  I’m a crocheter who is slowly working on learning how to knit.  As someone who uses a lot of fibers, I also have a drop spindle which I’d like to play with.  The real pie-in-the-sky dream would be to learn how to wash, card, then spin the wool on the wheel.

I want to learn how to tat.  This one isn’t as easy to justify as sewing, crocheting, and knitting, where the projects are often useful items.  This one will wait a while.

I also want to get some wild yeast sour dough started and delve deeper into baking – both sourdough items and I need to break in my new doughnut pans.  I also ought to work to make a few more dinner items from scratch.  Once I get a new recipe established, it’s not so difficult to remember to do the ‘from scratch’ version instead of reaching for a box, but changing a habit takes time and commitment.

Pinterest is a dangerous place to hang out.  I constantly find new things I want to try, and my boards overflow.

My two youngest are a lot like me: interested in learning way too many different things.  That’s okay.  We’ll never be bored.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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