What Will You do With All That Time?

I’m being asked this question frequently right now as my home school child just graduated.  It’s a natural bit of conversation, but my contrary nature is tired of it.  It feels as if what’s being asked is, “Now that the only meaningful thing in your days is finished, how will you ever keep yourself busy?”

Okay, that’s a pretty cynical view.  I’m just tired.  There will be aspects of home school which I will miss, but I have plenty of things to do.  For one thing, DD2 doesn’t have her driver’s license yet and while she plans to bike to work (once that job is obtained), there will be bad weather days when she will need a ride.  She also may need a ride to the class or two which we all plan on her taking.

My son plans to take the optional seventh hour next year, and buses only run after sixth hour, so he’ll need a ride home every day.  He’s planning on taking seventh hour each of the next three years in order to take classes such as welding and wood working and still fit in art classes.  I’m hoping that he’ll slowly build up driving practice on these days.  It’s only a ten minute ride home, but the frequency was great for my eldest and it ends up being almost an hour a week.  Every bit counts.

My sewing stack has been overflowing for the past ten years, so it would be wonderful to clear it out.  Okay, ‘clearing it out’ is probably just a fantasy since I add projects pretty steadily, but it’s still a goal.  Eventually I’ll be finished with sewing for the kids, and that alone will greatly help.  Of course, I thought I was done sewing for my college kiddo until she couldn’t find the skirts she needed in the stores.  I think she’ll have to find a new solution after this summer.

My house has been in need of a serious deep clean for the past several years.  That may actually be accomplished now.  The trouble with this goal is that the house won’t stay clean.  Also, deep cleans take a lot of time and knowing how I operate, I’ll get a few rooms deep cleaned and poop out for a few months.  Somehow I’ll have to stay motivated throughout the whole house.

My garden is in desperate need of attention.  The violets have been a struggle for years, but the past few they have completely overrun my flower beds and it’s painful getting them out.  It’s been a process of weed the maple seedlings and other pull-able weeds, dig the dandelions, then shoot the violets with Round Up.  I don’t like the excessive use of chemicals, but I’m in a losing battle and need big help.  I don’t want to add anything new until the violets are mostly under control and I may end up losing some of my current plants as the violets are intertwined with them at this point.

DH asked if I wanted more flower bed space and I had to point out that I can’t keep up with what I have.  The arthritis in my knee complicates things as well.  This year the garden beds all need fresh mulch once I treat the weeds.

Currently I’m attending physical therapy twice a week, and you have to do the exercises on the days you don’t go in order to make the most progress.

The everyday tasks need to be done every day (cleaning, laundry, groceries, cooking, etc.)

Summer always brings well checks, dental cleanings, eye appointments, etc., for which I am the chauffeur.

I’ve been trying to establish time to write in earnest.

There are several things I’ve been wanting to learn.

We’ll be adopting kittens in a few weeks.

So what will I do with all my new found time without homeschooling?

Gee, I don’t know.  I may be completely at a loss.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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