Feeling Glad

My oldest is working in a department store for the summer and it’s been an eye opener for her.  We took advantage of 50 cent Frosties last night and while enjoying them, our eldest was talking about her job experiences.  She has been surprised to find out that people will come in looking for particular brands of clothing to purchase.  She’s finding out that people are willing to spend a boat load of money just to get a designer’s initials on a purse.  She’s amazed that it matters to people.

Inside my head, massive cheering was taking place.  She gets it.

Watching “Say Yes to the Dress” with my middle, she was being shocked by what people will pay for a dress which is worn for a few hours.

Massive cheering inside my head.

DH and I have been trying to teach our children wisdom with money.  We don’t want them living a life of debt.  We want them to have money for the things/experiences which are most important to them.

It seems as if the message is being received.

The kids spent their young years in mostly clothing from WalMart and a relatively inexpensive local chain.  I’ve made a lot of clothing for them, mostly for reasons of modesty, but also frugality.  Sewing can be cost friendly when you plan ahead and are careful.  Now that my girls have stopped growing, I shop a higher quality for their clothing, one mail order retailer in particular.  I do this to make sure they have clothing which fits their long arms and legs.  That said, the girls know that I mostly shop the clearance items and really good sales.

Some of the kids’ friends from church have married, so of course we’ve talked about their future weddings.  They know that they will have to pay for some of the wedding expenses in order to stay grounded on costs and how they add up.  They know that they will need to prioritize so they will know where it’s important to not compromise, and where they can trim the budget.  They know we want them to have the wedding they want while being reasonable on expenditures.  The party lasts one day, the marriage lasts a lifetime.

No matter what income level our children have in their lives, I want them to be able to live within their means and be content.  From what I’m hearing and seeing I think they’ll be okay.



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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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