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The end of the school year brings a lot of stuff with it.  This year was the second in a row with an open house.  DS is more than ready for the end of the year but has three more weeks.  Seniors were finished last Friday.  I can’t believe they got out a month ahead of everyone else, but it worked out for my home school graduate who had work scheduled through today but was allowed to finish it early.  She finished last Friday as well, so since the high school seniors were finished I felt okay telling my son that his sister was finished too.  Otherwise, we had planned for her to get up as usual for another week.  I try to be considerate of my son while allowing my daughter to take advantage of some the perks which home school affords.  I don’t think he knows she got a slightly longer Christmas break every year by working ahead, and I don’t plan to enlighten him.

Last weekend DH installed our new dining room floor and it looks fantastic!  We haven’t moved the table back in yet as the trim boards are in the process of sanding and staining before he can install those.  We sprung for the fancy boards, as we’ve envisioned having since the first year of owning the house.  Both of us would love to keep remodeling through every room of the house, but budget realities keep us in check.  There is no need to go into debt just because we have the remodeling itch.

Soon we’ll be able to purchase carpeting for the front room which adjoins the dining room and get that installed.  Currently our dining room furniture is in there, so we have to wait a little bit.  We’ve waited seventeen years to work on these rooms, and I think the wait enhances the satisfaction in seeing it come to pass.

Yesterday my middle child helped me empty the sand turtle and scrub it down to prepare it for its new family.  I had pulled the toys out and washed them a couple weeks ago.  We set the turtle in the sun to dry a bit and went in the house to find out that the water sensor in the basement had alerted DH.  The faucet for the hose had leaked into the workroom in the basement.  Nothing is more defeating than putting a towel on a floor to see it float.  DH came home to help with the clean up and that occupied three or four hours.  I was too tired to pay attention to the actual amount of time passed.

Our girls, both of whom helped, each showed the benefits of living intentionally grateful.  They were able to join DH and I in listing all of the ways in which this flood could have been worse.  The good things of this flood were:

-we found out that our water sensor works quite well (that purchase just paid for itself too!)

-we were home to deal with it immediately

-we learned of the flood before it reached the doorway of the workroom, where it would have begun to ruin the Pergo flooring in the rest of the basement

-this happened when DH and I were here, rather than when all but DD1 were on vacation.  She would have been overwhelmed to have to deal with this alone

-nothing major was ruined

I’m so grateful to see my girls chip in willingly and be able to see the positives of the situation (my son can join in with this too, he was simply at school during this event).  Things often go wrong in life and it makes me glad to know that my children will be able to find ways to laugh and ways in which to be thankful rather than crumble in a pile of bitterness.  We’ve had enough setbacks/mishaps/etc. to see that they will be able to face whatever life throws at them.

This does not mean that we never feel disheartened.  It simply means that we can also find something to be thankful for in a bad situation, thereby not becoming defeated.

Once flood clean up was finished, DD2 and I loaded the sand turtle into the van and delivered it to its new family.  It was given to us by someone with older kids, and it felt good to pay it forward, adding the sand toys to the deal.  I love the community/family feel of our church.  We are by no means the only people who have ever been able to bless another family, and we ourselves were the recipients of an outgrown Narnia castle with action figures several years ago.

Today feels like a lazy day.  I think I’m going to need to push myself to get to work on another skirt for DD1.  I got the first made last weekend, but it was the easiest pattern and pleats lie ahead of me.  She and I had gone shopping for skirts, but the stores had very few, and DD1 didn’t find what she was looking for.  This may be the last time I sew for her.  It’s a bit hard to tell her that when she can’t find the modest clothing she wants in the stores, but she may need to learn to sew for herself.  She’ll be nineteen in a few short weeks and I will not always be right there to take care of her clothing needs.  These college years will need to be transitional in many ways.

Bit by bit, things will be done.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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