A few friends of mine are on missions of purging in their homes, and it got me looking around the house a bit more critically.  Things are a bit torn up right now with remodeling, but still I have seen much to be improved upon.

We are a family who reads.  A lot.  Any of you who read know that leads to the bookshelves being at maximum capacity, then horizontal stacks of books on top of the books which are properly stored.  We have two built in bookcases in our living room, which is wonderful yet those excess stacks make it look messy.  I’ve relocated several of my books to the bookcase in my bedroom.  Yes, I’ve started a row in front of the normal row, but it’s a bedroom and visitors do not see it.  I also went through the cabinet below the living room bookcase (where home school books are stored) and pulled out several for donation/give away to make room to put other books away.  This school year’s books need to be stowed, thus needing space cleared for them.

We had a dozen video games sitting loose in the entertainment area, so I pulled DVD’s out of the cabinet to make room.  Those DVDs are now packed away in the kid’s boxes.  These boxes contain special items which have been outgrown, but which they want to keep.  Those items will leave the house when the kids each move out.

I found a large box which should have been recycled two years ago.  I threw out light bulbs from the light fixtures we’ve replaced in recent months.  I’ve been fighting clutter of all kinds.

DH does not often like it when I get in these moods to tidy.  He had a few boxes on my bookcase which I moved.  I organized his puzzle books which sit beside his recliner.  He has yet to notice that I put his atlas in the cupboard where it’s supposed to sit.

How did my house get to this point of junkiness?  Simple.  DH would say it’s the kids, but the truth is that he doesn’t like to put things away either.  It feels as if every time I work hard and tidy a space, he brings in something new to fill it.  Every time I put something away, he leaves something new out.  Combine the general attitude of ‘don’t care’ with my recent months of fatigue, and the many tasks I juggle on a daily basis, and I end up becoming just as messy as anyone else.

I am not aiming for a spotless home, but I would like to feel at ease with drop in guests.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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