Just Tired

The open house is over and now recovery begins.  The turnout was light, but for my anxiety child that was a positive thing.  A friend of hers came toward the end and they just chatted the last of the time away.  Again, it was light so I didn’t have to pull her away.  She went to ‘hide’ a couple of times before her friend came, but just took a couple minutes each time, so it was fully acceptable.  We had talked about ‘hiding’ before yesterday so she knew I was fine with it.  From my perspective it was far better to let her know she could step out now and then rather than let her feel that she was trapped with a room full of people focusing on her.  She told me a while back that when she gets married, she wants it to be very small.

Most of the open house items are put away.  The dishes are washed.  The church’s laundry is half finished with the other half getting done this afternoon.  There’s a wedding shower tonight, so we left a bunch of our leftover fruits and veggies to be put out for that (our showers are always pot luck with the church providing dessert).  Yes, wedding and baby showers are church-wide affairs too.  We’re a great big social ‘family’ who like to spend time together.

I’m glad we chose an early date.  Yes, attendance was lower than usual, but again that was a positive for our gal.  What I hadn’t thought about at the time we chose the date is that now my gal can relax and not worry about the EVENT.  She was becoming a ball of nerves and I was starting to wonder if I’d made a mistake in pushing for her to have the open house at all.

My gal needs a gentle push now and then, and the tough part is to recognize when the push is appropriate and when it’s just too much for her to handle.  I pushed this time because she’s home schooled while her siblings are public schooled.  This girl will only have the graduation service at church, which the other two will also have.  I know she doesn’t like the spotlight, but I don’t want her to miss the special events, either.  I didn’t want to skip the open house then have her regret missing it later.  Thankfully it worked out.

Parenting can be a real guessing game and you hope and pray that you’re getting more right than wrong.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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