Progress Report

My progress report, not a school report.  The goal this year (as in many years running) is to catch up on the sewing stack.  This past weekend I went through the scraps and pulled out all of the flannel left over from night gowns and pjs.  The flannel is in three stacks, one for each child from whose garments the flannel is left over.  I now have two blanket tops pieced for DD1.  These will all be oversized baby blankets – big enough to go into toddler years.  I know it’s way early to think about my kiddos being parents, but this is about using the sewing scraps in intelligent and useful ways.  I’m willing to hang onto them for a few years.

One blanket top is a combination of two fabrics, and the second is a white flannel with colorful butterflies all over it.  The butterflies had enough fabric to make a complete blanket top and it was a favorite of DD1’s.  When I have enough tops pieced, I’ll go buy a mass quantity of a neutral solid flannel to back them.  The smaller or non-matchable scraps will be made into burp cloths – the kind with the scoop cut out to fit comfortably on the shoulder.

After two blanket tops I was ready for a break, so I cut out pjs for DD2 and got the top made.  I had to take yesterday as a sick day (laying around watching tv and reading) so the pants will likely be finished today.  I’m in a sewing groove right now, and as any crafter can tell you, sometimes you have to be in the mood to do the craft, and right now I’m in the mood.

I don’t yet know what project will come after the pjs.  Perhaps the next blanket.  Perhaps a piece of clothing which has been waiting a long time.  I have the fabric and frog closures to make DD2 a Chinese-style top.  I don’t know if it has a name.  My son needs a new Musketeer shirt for the Renaissance Fair, and I have my eye on a fleece jacket with an oversized hood.  We shall see where the mood takes me.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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