My two youngest kiddos have never been the most organized.  DD2 is much better than when in elementary school, but I’ve not been able to get the vacuum into her room past the door swing for a while.  I must be fair to her and state that her things were in neat piles, just all over the floor.  The cry has been lack of space, so this past weekend I took her shopping and we found a folding shelf unit.  (I love those folding things!)  She’s been hard at work the last couple of days clearing space, vacuuming, and loading the new shelves.  The room is looking much better and I think she’s actually having fun getting organized.

Now if I can get my son to get his room in order.  I got him a book shelf last year and it helped for a few days.  He can clean beautifully when he puts his mind to it, he just doesn’t have it as a priority.

DD2 is graduating this year, and she recently asked if she had to have an open house.  I wanted to let her off the hook as I saw tears of anxiety on her face, but talked to her about a week later and pointed out that she would likely regret it if she didn’t have the party.  She’s chosen standard colors which the dollar stores carry, making her paper goods cheaper than I can get from Amazon (frugal yay!), so I’ve made a couple of stops and got those items around.  Today we went on line and explored decoration options and found paper butterflies.  We’ve bookmarked a colorful set to put on the walls behind the food (and this placement will keep the kids from playing with them), and white paper butterflies to put on the tables and anywhere else she likes.  I think it will look fun, and as she goes to the butterfly house each year it fits her personality as well.

DD2 has also begun to make quilled flowers to lay around the tables.  She made a 3-D lotus which I told her I’m going to steal from her afterward.  She knows the flowers will end up in little hands and is okay with it.

I’ve been working on my sewing stack.  I got pjs finished for my son – who loves pajamas, and today I adjusted a dress for my oldest.  This year needs to be a year for seriously catching up on projects.  With the holidays over, it’s time to work to stay out of the craft stores unless I have a specific need to complete a project in the current stack.  Along with finishing projects, I’d like to use up a good portion of scraps.  To that purpose, I’ve been scanning Pinterest for inspiration.  I love the way so many people have used color, and hope to be able to use what I have half as well as the Pinterest posts.

DH and I have been doing some remodeling and are loving the results.  It’s so nice to get rid of popcorn ceilings and put up new light fixtures.  We’ve decided to keep going after we finish the areas we’ve started.  I’ve heard multiple people say that they waited so long to fix up their houses that they ended up remodeling for selling purposes and didn’t get to enjoy it.  Our house is thirty years old and definitely in need of some work – mostly cosmetic.  If we pace ourselves we won’t have to take a loan.  It’s exciting to think about.

When we bought this house seventeen years ago, it was our first home and the down payment took most of our savings.  The first few years consisted of working on landscaping as it was low cost and mostly our own physical work.  Now we can fit bigger projects into the budget, and it’s fun to plan.

So much to do.  It could easily take more than a year to work through all of the plans, but that’s okay.  The big thing is that we keep moving through our list.


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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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