My Holiday After the Holiday

December 26th is to me what Black Friday is to so many others.  This is the day I buy replacement light sets for the tree, cards to send the family, wrapping paper and tags, candy for the Easter baskets, and even a few gifts for next year.

When did all of this madness begin?  About ten years ago when I realized that shopping at 6am the day after Christmas was fantastic re-charge time.

Growing up, I lived on a country road which only had three other houses and one sister five years older than I.  I know how to entertain myself and enjoy quiet reading/crafting/etc. time for myself.

My family knows this about me and are happy to let me head to the store while they sleep in.  They know that I don’t enjoy cooking and big fusses.  Let’s just be honest, holidays are awful for Moms who don’t enjoy going overboard.

I like decorating – but don’t do as much as I thought I would.  My Mom decorates pretty much every inch of her house and always has.  A lot of the decorations are crafted by her, and I’ve grown up loving handmade things, holiday or not.

I enjoy baking – but everyone has that special thing which makes Christmas special and sometimes it can be overwhelming to fit it all in, not to mention trying to space it out to avoid sugar overload.

I make a big effort with the Christmas cards because I don’t enjoy making phone calls, but know that everyone wants updates and pictures of the kids.  I skipped the cards for the church ‘family’ this year as I was feeling a big harried in this department.

My family has come to learn that seasonally wrapped candy is rarely delivered to them on the appropriate holiday.  The frugal shopper in me loves the day after most holidays, resulting in Halloween candy for Christmas, and Christmas and Valentine’s candy in the Easter basket.  Some things can’t be purchased too far ahead (nougat or caramel fillings or marshmallow things for instance), and those will be seasonally appropriate.  Some items can wait a year, so today I bought Hershey kiss filled candy canes and M&M filled candy canes for next year’s stockings.

My eldest loves shiny/sparkly things and has decided she’d like something tinsel-y each year for Christmas.  Last year it was a four foot, pre-lit tree.  This year it was tinsel garland to make a wreath, and for next year she’ll receive a one foot tinsel tree and a mini tinsel garland with lights.  I also bought a 2 foot tree and miniature glass ornaments for the following year.  This is a new level of prep for me, but my reasoning is that this tinsel fad in the stores may not last, while my daughter’s love of tinsel will.  I did not, however, inform DH of this purchase as he would roll his eyes and ponder just how crazy I may be.

Maybe I am a touch over-the-top here, but it’s been working for several years now, and should continue to work for many to come.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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