Home for the Holidays

Yesterday my eldest had her last (and only!) final exam and I brought her home.  Thankfully she’s only and hour and a half away, else I’d overrule DH and DD1 and make her find a ride.  Mean old mom, I know, but I had to arrange rides for myself and that was uncomfortable for me.  She would survive the experience as well.

The kids had a grand old time last night, chatting constantly.  I love that they’re so close.  I love that the girls talk frequently.  My sister and I only talked when she was home.  We didn’t have cell phones, and you were charged by the minute then.

I let DD2 work ahead so she could be free of home school by the time her big sis got home.  There was also a doctor appointment and a snow day thrown in this week.  The doctor appointment took three hours as we have to drive a ways.  She sees a pediatric cardiologist.  That’s weird enough.  Then he mentioned that she may have to have a pace maker at some point.  She’s seventeen.  That is not something you expect to hear for your child.  I have to keep reminding myself that it is not the reality yet.

This poor kid has had so much happen to her.  She was born with Sensory Processing Disorder (diagnosed when she was nine) which includes anxiety, she was born with insufficient enamel on her baby molars (that was a fun dentist visit).  She was bummed when her silver teeth fell out.  She has a heart murmur and exercise induced PVC’s , which have her on heart medication. She has lazy eye and has been wearing glasses since her second birthday – at least she didn’t need eye surgery.  In one of her recent school assignments she wrote about how she wished she could just be normal.  My heart went out to her, but I can’t change anything for her.

Well that’s holiday cheerfulness.  Moving on…

So the girls are finished with school until January, but brother isn’t privy to that information.  He’s a bit green eyed as a general rule, so DD2 will get up for ‘school’ as normal through Wednesday to keep up appearances.

My son has to re-write his English paper this weekend.  It isn’t his favorite subject, but his teacher is giving him a chance.  Now I need to get him to let me look at it before he turns it in.  I wonder if procrastination was the motivation to work at the snow packed tire tracks in our driveway?

This afternoon we’re headed to see The Last Jedi.  Normally we’d go on Christmas Eve, but we’re going to MIL’s house on Christmas Eve and were shifting the date to see the movie anyway.  Then DH said it’s tough to avoid the work conversations about the movie, so we’re off to see it today before spoilers reach our ears.

I’ve nearly got all of the holiday goodies purchased.  A few more ingredients are needed.  We don’t have a traditional holiday meal, but we have our own traditional treats.  Pistachios, baklava, Ghiradelli peppermint bark, plus baked goods.  Years ago I bought a number of Wilton Singles pans for Christmas, and my kids love those cakes.  They’re one of my eldest’s favorite things so a few years ago DH and I scoured the internet to get her ten pans of her own, enough for one box of cake mix.  There’s a breakfast bread which Mom always had for us, now I make it.  She always gave the second bread to an elderly neighbor, and now I give our extra to our pastor.  If I’m late making it, he’s not shy about asking for the “green stuff”.

Snow is thick on the ground, I’ve done a bunch of baking this morning, we’ve got the Christmas cantata tomorrow night, and we’re headed to a Star Wars movie.  What could say Christmas more than that?

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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