Feeling Good

Today my daughter got in another half hour practice of driving.  That’s huge for her.  She took driver ed. almost a year and a half ago, and up until Friday had only logged 30 minutes of practice time.  Her sensory processing disorder (SPD) brings her massive anxiety, and when I would suggest practicing, her body would visibly tense up.  Friday I asked her, and at first she got all quiet and her body was almost shrinking with anxiety.  I let it go, but twenty minutes later she came back and said “okay”.

She hesitated this morning, but went anyway.  Obviously it’s unsafe to drive when in the grips of anxiety, but her dad and I don’t want her to shut the door on driving as it’s a needed skill.  Especially for someone who wants to own lots of animals.  You can’t raise farm animals in the city.

When we got home I unclogged the kid’s bathroom sink without pain.  A few years ago I heard about a great little tool called a Zip It.  It’s a plastic yellow stick about 18 inches long with ‘barbs’ on it, and you simply put it down the drain and it catches hold of the hair.  With myself and both of my girls sporting long hair, and the kids all having thick hair, the drains clog up once every year or so.  DH hates dealing with plumbing, and this is a great (and easy) way for me to help him out.  That $3 tool was a fantastic investment.

The kids Christmas gifts are all wrapped.  That’s a big job completed to leave me time to work on the cards.  I’ve started the annual letter, but am a bit stuck.  I work to keep it real and a touch humorous with things I want to remember about the year as well as updating family.

DD2’s senior pictures arrived from Shutterfly and are ready for the cards as well.  We have a friend who takes awesome pictures and she did so great that both grandmas had about five pictures they were deciding between.  I ended up getting 4×6 prints of the poses that ‘lost’ so they can have them all.

DD1 is coming home tonight for the first time since school started.  We’re all geeked about it.  She keeps saying how much she misses church, which makes me feel good.  She watches the services on livestream, but it’s not the same.  She misses singing in choir (it’s killing her to not be part of the Christmas program) and the toddler class she helps in.  It’s also like a family gathering every service.  I love our church.

DD1 is tutoring DH’s cousin’s daughter.  Our cousin, as we call her.  She is loving spending time with this young lady and it’s helping the young lady as well.  I told DD1 that I’d spring for a small Christmas gift for this cousin and her brother, so we’ll do a little shopping while she’s home.

I think it’s going to be a great week and oh yeah, it’s Thanksgiving too!  I purpose to be thankful every day, but it will be wonderful to have all my chickadees and both our moms here together on Thursday.

About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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