Before we adopt a new cat(s), we need to replace some flooring.  The flooring which needs to be replaced is in the two rooms of the house with which we’ve done nothing, not even painting.  We’ve been in this house for nearly seventeen years.  Why have we not tackled these rooms?  Budget.

This is our first house, and we took the savings account awfully low to make the down payment.  Once in the house we focused on projects which were mostly manual labor which we could do ourselves.  There was plenty of landscaping type work to keep us busy for the first year.  The previous owners rarely ventured outside.  According to neighbors, they actually shooed their son back inside the one time he was seen outside playing.

We’ve had a plan for these rooms for a long time, but other projects took priority.  We’ve worked hard to avoid debt in any upgrades, repairs, etc. needed on the house.  As we discussed new flooring, we realized it would be the perfect time to paint the walls.  Wait – if we’re going to take the popcorn ceiling down, that should be done before anything else as it will be messy.  Then we can also finally change out the ugly chandelier.  The base boards also need to be replaced as they were affected along with the floor.

I think we’ll pause there and wait a bit before completing the rest of the plan for the rooms, but even this much will make a huge difference.

But wait – the master bath shower decided to leak and a large hole was cut in the ceiling downstairs to find the leak and then have it fixed. Now, the hole is in the process of repair which displaces the homework/home school table.  The dining room table is displaced as we took down the popcorn and are now in the middle of painting the ceiling.  Thanksgiving is about a week away and is here.

I’m just hoping that things stay on track enough to be able to use the dining room again soon, get the school work table back where it belongs, and have the Christmas tree space cleared so we can put it up and decorate while DD1 is home from college.


About homereferee

I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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