Shopping With My Teen Son

Our school district had a professional development day yesterday.  The kids love sleeping in, but I find these days disruptive.  I say this as a home school teacher who keeps her daughter on the same schedule as her public school child.  The teachers are supposedly in training, but all I see are empty school buildings when I need to stop in.

Anyway.  I took advantage of the day to take my son shopping.  He’s been growing like crazy and needed new long sleeve shirts and a new winter coat.  His current  coat keep everything but his forearms warm.  We found all the needed shirts at our first stop as well as the coat, but took a picture of the coat and checked out other stores to see what else was out there.

We got to Target and I was encouraged to see the entire corner of the women’s section filled with a variety of coats.  Then we got to the men’s section.  One style.  Four colors.  It fit on one side of a display.  That is not a selection.

I spoke to an employee on the floor and she rather flippantly said, “Women win.” when I pointed out the complete lack of men’s options.  My reply was “Guys still need clothes.”

The space allotted for men’s clothing was equal to the space for men’s accessories, and a good portion of that is dedicated to t-shirts.  Needless to say, I won’t be returning to Target to shop for my son.

I understand that women have more options than men in the area of clothing, and they tend to shop more.  I don’t work in clothing marketing, but I know that guys don’t just want super hero t-shirts.

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I'm a stay at home mom who sometimes feels more like a tape recorder yelling, "Get apart!".
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